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Truck driver fatigue is a major contributing factor to many commercial truck wrecks across the U.S. Truck drivers are given incentives to drive as many hours as possible to move freight across the state or across the country as quickly as possible.

In many cases that involve serious personal injuries to our clients, we find that Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations have been violated. The regulations clearly define maximum driving hours per day and per week for all motor carriers in the U.S. But time is money in the trucking business, and many trucking companies and drivers put revenue ahead of safety.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or died in a car wreck involving a fatigued driver or in a distracted driving accident, contact us today to speak with an attorney or schedule a free initial consultation. Call us at 405-395-4699 or toll free 866-682-6365.

Truck Driver Fatigue Causes Greatly Increased Performance Errors

Fatigued driving is not much different from distracted driving. Reflexes and reaction times are delayed, eyes are taken off the road and clear decision-making abilities are reduced. Fatigued drivers may do anything necessary to stay awake over long hauls, including taking drugs or resting for small amounts of time between shifts rather than getting proper sleep. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 13 percent of commercial motor vehicle drivers were considered to be fatigued at the time of their crash.

At The West Law Firm, our Oklahoma City trucking accident lawyers independently investigate each accident scene and examine evidence apart from insurance company and law enforcement investigations. We collaborate with accident, medical and economic experts to establish the full value of your case, and we make an in-depth analysis of every angle of every fact.

Establishing Negligence | Fighting For Your Maximum Compensation

We hold negligent parties accountable and customize a litigation strategy in your best interests. You may be entitled to injury compensation from individual drivers, employers and insurance companies who cover them.

  • Don't trust any insurance company with your case, even your own. Insurance companies don't stay afloat by paying out maximum settlements. They are often the defendants in truck accident cases.
  • Don't sign an initial settlement offer from any insurance company without speaking to an experienced lawyer first. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the costs of medical expenses, lost income, property damage, disability, pain and suffering, and long-term care, if necessary.

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