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You expect the products you purchase and use to be safe. Unfortunately, some products are defective or dangerous, either as a result of a mistake in manufacturing or a design flaw. Dangerous and defective products often cause personal injury. There are time limits on how long you can wait to file a claim. It costs you nothing for a free evaluation of your case. Contact a product liability lawyer for more information.

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, our attorneys will help you seek financial compensation or damages for your losses. Damages may include compensation for physical injuries, property damage, lost wages or income, medical expenses, the cost of physical therapy, and pain and suffering. You may be able to recover damages from any party within the chain of distribution, from the manufacturer to the retailer of the defective product.

Did someone you know lose a child because of an unsafe toy or poorly designed stroller? Have you suffered because of a defective breast implant? Attorneys at the West Law Firm in Shawnee, Oklahoma, have successfully represented clients injured by a variety of products. A defective lawn mower shield or chain saw brake can cause injuries just as devastating as those caused by seat belt failure, dangerous prescription drugs, or gas explosions.

If you suspect your injury, or the death of someone you care about, was caused by a defective product, contact the lawyers at the West Law Firm to schedule a free consultation at our office near Oklahoma City. A product liability lawyer will, if necessary, meet with you in the evening or on the weekend.

We do not charge a fee unless we recover financial compensation for you.

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