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Have you or a loved one sustained an unexpected injury or longer recovery time than expected after robotic or laparoscopic surgery? As surgeons advance their practices and hospitals invest in new technologies, errors occur. High-tech machines, devices and visual equipment used for robotic surgery are put into use in hospitals before all the kinks have been worked out, effectively making the operating table somewhat of an experiment.

Common Claims Related To Robotic Surgery

In some cases, errors occur before robotic surgery happens or after surgery. You, as the patient, may not have gone through as much preparation pre-surgery (fewer precautions taken), and you may have been discharged from the hospital sooner than you would have after a more invasive, more traditional surgery.

  • Failure to disclose all risks of robotic or laparoscopic surgery
  • Robotic arms not properly insulated to protect patient from electrical current
  • Robotic arms made contact and damaged other body tissue during surgery
  • Inadequate surgeon training to operate device

Robotic and laparoscopic surgeries are advertised as "minimally invasive surgery," but with less precaution and less time to recover in the hospital, errors and complications from surgery are more prevalent.

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Robotic And Laparoscopic Surgery: The Risks

"Minimally invasive surgeries" promise to limit risks and make surgery safer and quicker. It allows for quicker patient recovery times (when all goes well). Not every surgery goes well, however. The risks inherent in these types of surgery include:

  • Cutting tissue or organs not seen in miniature surgical cameras (sight is always restricted)
  • Applying too much pressure to sensitive tissues or organs
  • Electrical burns and infections surrounding incision and surgery points
  • Peritonitis (inflammation of thin tissue lining walls of abdomen and covering organs)
  • Sepsis (potentially fatal inflammation of several body parts)
  • Severed bowels
  • Toxic reactions

Robotic surgical systems may have better fine motor skills than humans in most surgical situations, but the visual and pressure sensitivity restrictions inherent with the devices along with inexperienced surgeons can lead to catastrophic and life-threatening injuries.

Contact us today regarding injuries involving any of the following systems or others:

  • da Vinci surgical system
  • Intuitive surgical systems
  • SPIDER surgical system
  • Viking systems

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